Written by Zsombor Aurél Bíró based on the improvisations of Vivien Rujder and Bence Béres.


We want to be successful. We chase after the glitter and the spotlight, dreaming of a world where our own face looks back at us from every direction, and where we hear our name even when no one is speaking. Our most remarkable ability, however, is to easily fool ourselves. We forgive ourselves for every sin; after a little regret, a bit of self-flagellation, we always manage to dispel shame. At least we can see beyond our own noses, which comforts us, and we believe that self-reflection or art, for which we even sacrifice our human integrity, will eventually absolve us.

The performance was created as part of the Sufni-project mentor program.


Production company of the film: 235 Productions

The creation of the performance was supported by: Szia+ Adománybolt, Bar Bizarre, Kraft Rental, Daige, Tabán Art Mozi, Zoom Casting, Club-Mate, Zun Store, Kisüzem, Budapest Film Zrt., Koller Virág, Artim Rebeka, Kormos Zsófi


Songs played in the performance: 

Lil Frakk,Sisi - Tsingling
Li Ci,KollArp - oué
KollArp - Red17