Gift vouchers can be redeemed for tickets currently available.

Gift vouchers di not entitle for automatic entrance/attendance.

Redemption period: 12th of July 2023 - 25th of April 2024

The gift voucher is transferable. Non-refundable for in-person purchases and refundable within 14 days for online purchases.

We preserve the data for 18 months.

The gift voucher can also be redeemed for the books The Second Life's Work and Gábor Székely and the School of Theatre Making. In this case, please contact the Public Relations Office.



Redemption procedure for online ticket purchases

After the purchase, the buyer will receive a voucher and a letter of acceptance. The latter contains the card code and password required for the purchase. The password in this case acts as a CVC code used for online purchases.

It is always required for online purchases.

The payment method of the ticket to be purchased can be selected by the spectator in point four, here at the bottom of the line is the Katona gift card option. After selecting the payment field, you will be asked to enter your card code and password in the pop-up window.

One voucher can be used for a purchase, if the amount on the card is not sufficient, it can be supplemented with a debit card.

Deadline for redeeming your voucher: 25 April 2024 18:00


Redemption procedure for personal ticket purchases

When redeeming in person, the voucher is negligible, and our colleagues in our Public Relations Office can identify the gift card by the voucher card number.

Multiple vouchers can be used, if the amount charged is insufficient, it can be supplemented by any payment method accepted by our cashier.

The voucher can be redeemed until 25 April 2024


Katona József Theater
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