Our online performances

Our time-bound performances are available on the websites eSzínház and SzínházTV. Please, visit these websites for specific dates and productions!

Useful information:

Buying tickets on eszinhaz.hu is possible 3 hours before the end of the play the latest, for example until 21:00 in case of a play which is available until 23:59.
Tickets available on eszinhaz.hu, time-bound can be also bought on the website katona.jegymester.hu. Tickets for performances available online on szinhaztv.com can be bought only on szinhaztv.com.

Recorded plays


The misantrophe - Director: Gábor Zsámbéki (eszinhaz.hu)

Our Class - Director: Gábor Máté (eszinhaz.hu)

Rattledanddisappeared - Director: Viktor Bodó (Youtube)

The Guardianship I - II - Directors: András Dömötör, Dániel Kovács (Youtube)

Diary of a Madman - Director: Viktor Bodó (szinhaztv.com)

Jeanne d'Arc - Director: Máté Hegymegi (szinhaztv.com)

Portgual - Director: Andor Lukáts (eszinhaz.hu)

Othello - Director: Kriszta Székely (szinhaztv.com)

As You Like It - Director: Dániel Király D. (szinhaztv.com)

Side Note - Director: Gábor Zsámbéki (szinhaztv.com)

The Intractable Woman - Directed by: Réka Pelsőczy (szinhaztv.com)

Tartuffe - Director: László Bocsárdi (szinhaztv.com)