Ticket sales for next month's program in line with always start on the 15th day of the month, or the first working day after a public holiday or bank holiday. 


You can buy your tickets quickly and comfortably on our website!


Please, in case of online purchase, print the downloaded PDF file by clicking on the links received in the email, or make the files available on your smartphone or table at the entrance!


If you are unable to access the ticket either by printing it out or on your phone, we will change a handling fee of HUF 200 per ticket after the transaction has been clearly identified.


The ticket purchased will guarantee your seat until the start of the performance. We regret that we are unable to admit spectators arriving after the performance has begun in order to ensure the smooth running of the performance.


We suggest you to buy your tickets on the website www.katonajozsefszinhaz.hu to avoid any damage caused by duplicate or counterfeit tickets that may be distributed by secondary sellers (you can find detailed information about conterfeit ticket by clicking here). Tickets with the same barcode ID are valid only if accepted by our access control system. All further attempts to enter will be invalid and will fail.


Tickets for professionals can be requested only via email: protokoll@katonaszinhaz.hu


Ticket purchase in person


Audience Service Office
1052 Budapest, Petőfi Sándor u. 6.
Phone number: 06 1 266-5200, 06 1 317-4061
E-mail: szervezes@katonaszinhaz.hu

Opening hours:
Working days: 11:00-19:00
Weekends: 16:00-19:00
On performance nights: until 21:00

We would like to inform our audience that the opening hours of our Audience Service Office can change due to events, festivities and holidays, in this case we will always inform You on our online platforms in advance!

Tamás Szívós (Sales Director)
E-mail: szivos.tamas@katonaszinhaz.hu, phone: 06 1 317-4061
Szilvia Sipos (Partners, Maecenas, Maecenas+ Account Manager, Events, Corporate Relations)
E-mail: sipos.szilvia@katonaszinhaz.hu, phone: 06 1 317-4061

Erika Novák (School Groups, Ticket Sales at the Location)
E-mail: novak.erika@katonaszinhaz.hu, phone: 06 1 317-4061

Alexa Talmácsi (Account Manager of the Friend's Circle, Ticket Sales at the Location)
talmacsi.alexa@katonaszinhaz.hu, phone: 06 1 317-4061

Besides cash, tickets at our Audience Service Office can be bought by:

- most types of bank cards
- SZÉP-card - OTP, K&H, MKB Bank (Leisure)
- Edenred Culture and Sports Vouchers, accepting vouchers for culture only
- OTP Cafeteria card


Tickets can be also bought online via bank cards, SZÉP-cards, and own gift vouchers by using the services of CIB Bank and OTP Simple.

Ticket refund


Ticket refund or changing tickets for another performance are only possible in case of change in the programme or cancellation. Tickets cannot be refunded if a spectator arrives late or has other reasons to be absent.

In case of a cancelled performance, tickets purchased online or in person will be refunded at the Katona box office within five working days of the cancelled performance.

Ticket booking


In addition to buying tickets, you can also book tickets online and in person. We keep the reservation for a maximum of 5 days in all cases, and the system automatically releases previously reserved seats at the end of the date.

During these 5 days, the tickets that have been booked can be bought on our platform katona.jegymester.hu or in person at our Audience Service Office.

Reservations are no longer possible on the day of the given performance. The system automatically releases the tickets that are not collected until 18:00.

House rules


The Katona József Theatre reserves the right to make visits to the theatre subject to health regulations, depending on the development of the epidemic situation. We kindly ask you to stay up-to-date about the current regulations  before purchasing tickets or attending performances on our website, Facebook page or at the Audience Services Office.

Our performances are recommended for children over 14 years of age. Other age recommendations will be indicated on the performance sheets.

Only people who do not disturb the other members of the audience, the artists and our colleagues with their behavior or appearance, or are not a threat for the performance can attend our theater plays.