Corporate support

Katona József Theater aims to build live connections with actors of the business world as well. Our goal is to achieve that the meeting of the cultural and the for profit sectors means true cooperation, a partnership which leads to mutual advantages.


In 2022, the Theater started its Patronage/Friend’s Circle program of four levels, which we recommend to companies that are dedicated to culture and cultural values. The management of the theater is aware of the current, extremely difficult economic situation that has hit the Hungarian economy and society. Neither cultural institutions nor theaters are exceptions.


We are convinced that the institution of theater has to operate in the hardest times as well, and it may become even more important to make culture of high quality closer and more affordable for everyone. That is one of the reasons why our theater has created its Patronage/Friend’s Circle program, in order to assure the continuation of the artistic work by creating new co-operations.


Katona József Theater offers several events and appearances for companies in Hungary that aim to take part in the program, which - besides the cultural mission - helps the companies to increase the satisfaction of their employees and business partners, and also to increase the prestige of the company.


The offers can be changed and personalised upon request!


More information:

Szilvia Sipos, key customer relations, +36 20 265 4043




We highly appreciate the gestures of the companies that share the values of Katona József Theater and support our work, and we aim to return them with our own assets. In all sponsorships we emphasise that we aim to understand the goals of communication and cooperation of the other party, therefore we create personalised sponsor packages.

The different possibilities of appearance provide a premium positioning for the brands of our sponsors, and our exclusive events and performances create added value in the operation of the companies. Our goal is to find the mutually advantageous knowledge-sharing possibilities in the meeting of the cultural and business sectors.

Information, contact: Máté Horváth, Marketing Manager (