The first premiere of the main stage will take place on 8 October. Imre Madách's drama The Tragedy of Man will be adapted to stage by Kriszta Székely, based on the texts of Madách and Ádám Nádasdy, titled as Embtrag. On 16 December, a play Extasy, written by Jakab Tarnóczi and Zsófia Varga will debut on main stage, directed by Jakab Tarnóczi. On 27 April the audience will see Mephistoland, staged by András Dömötör, written by András Dömötör, Kornél Laboda and Albert Benedek.



Gergely Kocsis stages his own play Tuesday on 7 October in the Kamra. Boris Vian’s Autumn in Peking will be directed by Balázs Benő Fehér, the premiere will take place on 15 December. On 26 April, the Hungarian writer Péter Horváth's play Good Night (Jóccakát) will premiere in the Kamra, directed by Tamás Ascher.



Two presentations will be held in Sufni stage, both part of the Sufni project nr 2. On 25 April Chewed up, spat out will be staged by Lilla Kizlinger, written by Lilla Kizlinger and Zsombor Aurél Biró. On 14 June you can see a preview of Bálint Antal’s staging, Sárszeg (based on Dezső Kosztolányi’s novel Golden Dragon).


In February 2024, Réka Pelsőczy will produce a stage version of Ruben Östlund's Force Majeure titled as Avalanche at the Belvárosi Theatre. The production is a collaboration between Katona and Orlai Production.

Also in February, Júlia Bagossy will stage Imre Kertész's autobiographical novel Fatelessness (Sorstalanság) as a classroom production at Sufni, with theparticipation of Katona artists. The performance will be shown in Sufni as well as in schools. The production is part of Behívó's theatre education programme.

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