The first premiere of the main stage will take place on 12 October. Jakab Tarnóczi will stage Radical relax, written by himself. On 13 December She said. He said., latest play of Ferdinand von Schirach will debut on main stage, directed by Kriszta Székely. On 12 April the audience will see a Goldoni's play, Summer (preliminary title), staged by Tamás Ascher.



Gábor Máté stages an adaptation of Lajos Jánossy's novel, Our lives, here on 11 October. Péter Hajnóczy’s Death Rode out of Persia will be directed by Júlia Bagossy on 14 December. On 11 April, Balázs Dohy will stage Execution, written by Zsombor Aurél Biró.



Two presentations will be held in Sufni stage, both part of the Sufni project nr 3. On 12 December Oana Hodade' Scenes from the Life of the Family Stuck will be staged by Máté Szilvay. On 10 April you can see Virginia Woolf's A Room of One's Own, directed by Orsolya Fodor. 


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September, 2024
October, 2024