Sándor: central heating and gas network systems engineer. He lives for his job, he knows no mercy in technical matters. He has an aquarium.
Detti: wife of Sándor, optician and optical goods dealer. She has no interest in gas fitting. She studied English for a year.
István: Detective Lieutenant, police poet. A very sensitive man with a great imagination. Does not like aquariums.
Kati: Istvan's wife. Plumper than the morbidly thin, but thinner than what we've come to call pony-legged.
Nikolett: Ensign, Stephen's mistress. A neat freak.
Mrs Wágnern: Detti and Sándor's neighbour, widow. She is well-meaning, wants to help everyone, but is unable to think. She has two grandchildren, Tibike and Klaudika.


The performance is recommended for children over 16.