We held the first three premieres of the season.

The first, on 13 October, was the premiere of Yevgeny Griskovec's drama Winter at Sufni. Directed by István Dankó.

"When I first read this piece, I wondered what would happen if I found myself in a situation where I had nothing. Just nothing. The cold, the frost, and I would still be relying on someone to tell me what and how to be. But in the end, we're all alone anyway. Man dies alone. The only question for me is with what feelings, what thoughts. To whom do we pray? God, Woman, Man, Santa Claus, Jesus?..." (István Dankó)

Cast: Bence Béres, Benjámin Lengyel, Zsófia Tóth



After that, on 14 October, we presented Tadeusz Słobodzianek's drama The Genius, directed by Tamás Ascher at the Kamra.

”The play is a duel between a cautious and cunning old theatre man and an even more cunning autocrat who is well aware of his paranoia. And the viewer can try to find out: is the dictator really so familiar with the theatrical-literary ins and outs of the time, with the aesthetic and positional struggles? What drives his decisions in the culture war, his personal politics?" (Tamás Ascher)

Cast: Ernő Fekete, Gábor Máté, Ferenc Elek, Gergely Kocsis.



And on 15 October, we welcomed our audience to the premiere of Hedda Gabler at Katona. Henrik Ibsen's drama has been staged by Kriszta Székely.

Starring Adél Jordán, Barna Kelemen Bányai, Béla Mészáros, Júlia Mentes, Péter Takátsy, Eszter Kiss.

"Hedda is less popular than Nora because she paints a more shocking picture of us, a more cruel story. She offers no hope, no comfort. She is an antihero. And her ambivalent and complex personality is fully, uniquely grand among the protagonists of dramatic literature. Hedda is not pulled down by the vortex, she is the vortex." (Kriszta Székely)