Director: Júlia Bagossy

Premiere: 15 December 2022, Sufni

Cast: Hanna Pálos, Barna Kelemen Bányai, Kata Kanyó, Balázs Jakab, Dániel Pásztor

"It's terribly funny, claustrophobic, moving and evidential to live in a family. When I was a child, time passed at a snail's pace. Examining a speck of light on the carpet, or by the time I finally made it from one group to an other at preschool...In a video, my father asks me what a theatre director does and I say I don't know. Now I'm starting to get an inkling, time has really sped up and we're not sitting in a pile anymore." (Júlia Bagossy)

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LONELY PEOPLE - Family reunion based on Gerhart Hauptmann's drama

Director: Jakab Tarnóczi

Premiere: 16 December 2022, Kamra

Cast: Zoltán Rajkai, Réka Pelsőczy, Benjámin Lengyel, Zsófia Tóth, Bence Béres, Júlia Mentes

"The subject of the experiment is a Hungarian family and four young men who are just starting their independent lives, and the sensual portrayal of a few days of tension at the end of summer. The story basically traces the stages of the conflicts that arise from the closeness of six people. It is also an attempt to make the audiovisual effects as important in the performance as the spoken dialogue." (Jakab Tarnóczi)

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TEN ESKIMOS by Krisztián Grecsó

Director: Gábor Máté

Premiere: 17 December 2022, Katona

Cast: Zoltán Bezerédi, Andrea Fullajtár, Ági Szirtes, Béla Mészáros, Kata Péter (guest), Dávid Vizi, Bence Tasnádi, Anna Pálmai, Bernát Gloviczki

"...their children live abroad. The part of the family that is left at home lives in fairly good conditions in a house with a garden in Buda. The only evening that will be interesting for us is when Kata and Béla, then Anna and Bence, unexpectedly enter. And David, Szike's servant, pours the better and better drinks." (Gábor Máté

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