Moscow-Beijing Transymphony was presented on our main stage! Péter Kárpáti's play based on a true experience.

"In Moscow, this is where the rail begins. Put your ear on it! If you listen well, you'll hear the Pacific Ocean roar at the far end. Come on, get on! And meanwhile the steppe, the taiga, the swamps, the marshes, the globe rumbles below us ..."

In May 2017, we boarded the Trans-Siberian Express with Hungarian-German theater legionnaires. The whole thing was the idea and mania of Viktor Bodó, but after we got home he gave me a free hand to write the piece. The premiere was in Frankfurt. I stole one and a half scenes from Yerofeyev's Moscow-Petusky, but besides, every word was uttered on the train, and everything happened - everything, just not that. Somewhere between Novosibirsk and Lake Baikal, one's nerves burst and the imagination breaks loose. The genre of the piece: document absurd.

Péter Kárpáti