Tyukodi pajtás

Zenei összeállítás


Ónodi Eszter Rába Roland
Kiss Eszter Dévai Balázs
Tóth Anita Szabó Győző
Huszárik Kata Paizs Miklós
Malgot Eszter  


Zenei vezető Sáry László  
1998. május 8.
Utolsó előadás
2001. január 7.

"A lighter musical performance was still waiting for us which was put on stage by Katona’s seventeen young actors with the direction of László Sáry, the theatre’s musical director and composer. The joy of work well done, characteristic of productions by this theatre, shows even through the transparent texture of the play. Singing, the romantic and declarative opera is parodied through the music of various contemporary writers, and they always manage to render their performance-sung in English- enjoyably harmonious and constantly witty at the same time. Voice-games, mockery and mimicry share the stage right until the finale, composed by László Sáry, in which everyone takes part and which can homage and criticize Hungarian folk music and folk dance at the same time. Not a light one, a fantasy free of all vulgarity that highlights the stunning range of acting that the young actors have and which offers an interesting approach to contemporary music. "
Marie-Francois Grislin, Hebdoscope