The actors perfectly follow the directorial intentions, they create an atmosphere through character development with some irony they can bring moderation and sense to victory against the „fashion of the young” doing all this in a way that the suspense about who the real winner is stays on. We must highlight the outstanding foursome of Dorottya Udvaros, Juli Básti, Eszter Csákányi and Mari Csomós in the company that represents truly high standards.

Magda Poli, Corriere della Sera

Ascher’s direction with its quick and playful plasticity managed to bring the burlesque to life in which he classily merged Goldoni’s reform with the means of commedia dell' arte, which is worthy of filling in the space created by linguistic impoverishment. (...) The ladies are the heroines of the night starting with the charming and excellent Juli Básti, who is a very upset, lamenting, angry and whiny Meneghina, the witty and elegant Dorottya Udvaros, the sly and lusty Cecilia whose seeming compliance can get formidable. As opposed to many directors who consider actors puppets Ascher lets his actors move about freely in the confines of his ideas, who therefore give their maximum. The glory was deserved.

Ugo Ronfani, Il Giorno

The lusty and extrovert performance shows a caricature of the XVIIIth century so loved by the author. The actors directed by Tamás Ascher are all great and lovely. The merit of the event is the victory over provincialism.

Rita Sala, Il Messagero

The director is amused in this roundly applauded performance when he puts in parallel Dorottya Udvaros’s  mindless and namby-pamby Cecilia with Meneghina, the sister in law played by the blond Juli Básti. (...) This is an excellently performed Goldoni therefore, he himself has tremendous fun while he embarrasses us a little bit, but the feeling of being moved does not come.

Maria Grazia Gregori, l'Unitá

Ascher’s theatre is marvellous art full of elaborate masterpieces while he cuts short at the right places and applies a few structural alternations. The actors move easily between the magnificent sets of Csaba Antal. Here is the wonderful and dynamic servant played by the temperamental Eszter Csákányi, then Dorottya Udvaros’ elaborate and contrapuntal Cecilia and Juli Básti’s masterly formed Meneghina, who would fit even in an opera bouffe. In short, Katona József Theatre from Budapest gave a beautiful gift to the Goldoni year and to Piccolo Teatro in Milan.

Odoardo Bertani, Avvenire