Prague: The Wood Demon; The Flight; Stylistic Exercises
Bratislava: The Wood Demon

Sitges (Spain): Stylistic Exercises
Finland: King Ubu

Berlin (East): Coriolanus
Belgrade: Three Sisters (Grand Prize BITEF), Chickenhead
Stuttgart: Three Sisters
Berlin(West): Three Sisters

Paris: Three Sisters; Catullus
Bochum: Three Sisters
Parma: Three Sisters; The Government Inspector
Vienna: Three Sisters; The Government Inspector; Catullus
The Hague: Three Sisters

Moscow: Three Sisters; The Government Inspector; Catullus
Leningrad: Three Sisters
Helsinki: Three Sisters
Wiesbaden: Three Sisters
Ludwigsburg-Ulm: The Government Inspector
London: Three Sisters; The Government Inspector
Zürich: Three Sisters; The Government Inspector; Catullus
Geneve: The Government Inspector
Belgrade: The Government Inspector (Grand Prize, BITEF)
St. Étienne: King Ubu

Caracas-Bogotá: Three Sisters; The Government Inspector (Prize for the best production in Foreign Language)
Paris: Platonov; King Ubu (Prize for the best production in Foreign Language)
Chicago: The Government Inspector
Glasgow: King Ubu
Netherlands: Twelfth Night
Madrid: King Ubu

Rome: The Government Inspector
Jerusalem: Three Sisters; The Government Inspector
Krems: King Ubu
Mexico City: King Ubu
Berlin: King Ubu; Platonov; Turandot; The Government Inspector
Florence: King Ubu
Barcelona: King Ubu

Hong Kong: The Government Inspector
Australia: The Government Inspector
Düsseldorf: Platonov

Vilnius: The Government Inspector
Milano: The New Home
Edinburgh: The Evening Party (Critic's Award)
Stuttgart: Katharina Blum...; Everywoman

Strasbourg: The Government Inspector
Montevideo: King Ubu
Buenos Aires: King Ubu
Göteborg: The Chinese
Copenhagen: The Chinese
Stuttgart: Hamlet; The Evening Party
Milano: Tonight we improvise

Hamburg: Everywoman
Cracow: Tonight we improvise
Bucharest: Tonight we improvise

Düsseldorf: The Miser
Edinburgh: Two Portraits - The Miraculous Mandarine, Kafka Pieces (Critic's Award)
Göteborg: Two Portraits - The Miraculous Mandarine
Cracow: The Miser
Stuttgart: First Ladies
Spoleto: Tonight we improvise

Rijeka: First Ladies
Caracas: The Miser
Bad Radkersburg: Brecht-Weill-Csákányi
Seoul: Two Portraits - The Miraculous Mandarine
Thessaloniki: Mausoleum
Madrid: The Miser; "Art"

Espoo: The Broken Jug
Cividale: Two Portraits - The Miraculous Mandarine, Kafka Pieces
Gardone Riviera: L'Aprés-midi d'un Faun
Jena: The Miraculous Mandarine
Stockholm: First Ladies
Stuttgart: Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead

Bratislava: Portugal
Strasbourg: Yvonne, Princesse of Burgundy
Strasbourg: PortugalBaal; Tyukodi pajtás
Milano: Yvonne, Princesse of Burgundy; Presidents; Tyukodi pajtás

Stuttgart: Tyukodi pajtás
Nitra: Baal
Pilsen: Portugal
Paris: Baal
Stuttgart: Public Enemy; Portugal

Thessaloniki: Tartuffe; Public Enemy
Paris: Tartuffe; Public Enemy
Cividale: Tyukodi pajtás
Paris: Tyukodi pajtás
Palermo: Public Enemy
Ljubljana: Public Enemy
Pilsen: Knives In Hens
Warsaw: Tartuffe

Rijeka: The Bacchanae (Festival First Prize)
Torun: Knives in Hens (Festival Grand Prize)
Rome: Headsman's Holiday
Villeurbanne: Saint George and the Dragon

Komarno: "Art"
Torun: Top Dogs (Festival First Prize)
St Petersburg: Tartuffe
Bucharest: Tartuffe, Knives in Hens
Prague: Tartuffe, Attack

Sarayevo: Ivanov (Best Performance, Best Director - Tamás Ascher)
Stuttgart: Top Dogs
Porto: Tartuffe

Torun (Poland): Black Milk
Strasbourg: Rattledanddisappeared
Rome: Medea, Ivanov
Torino: Medea
Sarajevo: Rattledanddisappeared

Bogota: Ivanov
Düsseldorf: Rattledanddisappeared
Frankfurt am Main: Rattledanddisappeared
Bucharest: Troilus and Cressida
Prague: The Wonderful Life of Prince Bluebeard - S. Tar: Exercises for Survival
Torun (Poland): Rattledanddisappeared (II. Prize, Best Director - Viktor Bodó, Best Actor - Tamás Keresztes, Best Stage Design - Levente Bagossy)
Madrid: Medea
Tampere (Finland): Rattledanddisappeared
Pilsen (Bohemia): Rattledanddisappeared
Ljubljana: Rattledanddisappeared
Dublin: Rattledanddisappeared
Bucharest: Ivanov
Torino: Ivanov

Nancy: Ivanov
Berlin: Rattledanddisappeared
Jeruzsálem: Medea
Thessaloniki: Medea
Rijeka: Rattledanddisappeared
Belgrade: Rattledanddisappeared
Oslo: Rattledanddisappeared
Dublin: Ivanov
Torino: One of the Last Nights of the Carnival
Parma: Rattledanddisappeared
Ljubljana: Ivanov
Cluj Napote: Ivanov
Strasbourg: Ivanov

Rennes: Ivanov
Belgrade: Ivanov
Paris: Ivanov
Moscow: Ivanov
Oslo: The Wild Duck
Sf.Gheorghe: Rattledanddisappeared
Zagreb: Ivanov
Stuttgart: The Trachinae
Łodz: Rattledanddisappeared
Trento: One of the Last Nights of the Carnival

Sydney: Ivanov
Sf. Gheorghe: One of the Last Nights of the Carnival
Parma: Ivanov
Lille: Ivanov
New Haven: Ivanov
New York: Ivanov
Plzen: Christmas at the Ivanovs
St. Petersburg: Barbarians
St. Petersburg: Ivanov
Metz: Black Battles with Dogs
Trento: Arms and the Man (The Hero and the Chocolate Soldier)

Prague: Rattledanddisappeared
Stuttgart: I Want Silence

Lendva: Portugal 
Łódz: Tales from the Vienna Woods
Olsztyn: Rattledanddisappeared

Washington: Gypsies 
Brno: Rattledanddisappeared 
Pilsen: Ivanov
Nitra: Anamnesis
Olsztyn: First Ladies
Stuttgart: Our Class
Subotica: Our Class
Cluj-Napoca: Anamnesis 

Warsaw: Our Class 
Brno: Musik, Musikk, Musique 
Ljubljana: Anamnesis
Olsztyn: Musik, Musikk, Musique
Reims: Anamnesis

Torino: Woyzeck
Vienna: Anamnesis
Bratislava: Backwards
Stuttgart: Happy Days