The textbook is based on the Romanian translation of Alice Georgescu, by Ágnes Kali and László Bocsárdi

Who is in fact the protagonist of Tartuffe? A thorough-paced rascal who does the worst things while wearing the disguise of morals? A desperate petty bourgeois who wants to prove to his wife no matter what that only he can rule the roost, and therefore can make a wolf out of a dog that seems loyal? Impostor, deceived? Culprit, victim? It's not as simple as anyone putting others into certain boxes. 

But still, what is Tartuffe about? Is it a strange family drama in which all the inner problems lead to one scapegoat? Is it a poetic self-confession about the fact that all of us can be tempted in certain situations? Is it a story to give a handle for uncovering the autocratic jurisdiction of an invisible and impersonal background power? The tragicomic firework of controversial rationalism.