Written by: András Dömötör - Kornél Laboda - Albert Benedek


We are at the celebrated theater in the capital of Mephistoland, from where - appearantly - the director has to leave. The President and the Aorta, not giving a shit about the Council of the Eight, want a new director to lead the troup. Let acting be finally healthy and cheerful, not to serve the luciferian aesthetics of the international jacobinic forces. Because critical thinking is a crime in Mephistoland. You, dear spectators, can watch what the troup does in this demonic situation: who makes a deal and how big to save their own skin. People of Mephistoland are also people, even if Mephisto walks lame among them. Some will rebel, some will happily give themselves to the Darkness, and some won't even notice that their soul has already disappeared.


We wrote this play in 2015/16, for the request of the Maxim Gorki Theater in Berlin, which was called “horror farce” by the critics. I like to see it as a bizarre atlas, chamber of wonders, collection of monsters: we mapped carefully the levels and depths of expedience, the different forms of how a human spine can bow. We aimed to examine the impact of the Europe-wise growing populism and nacionalism on the arts. Based on the elements of Mephisto by Klaus Mann, we wrote a dark and free comedy, that follows the bitter difficulties of the members of a troup, currently rehearsing Mephisto. We don't have high hopes for these members, because the Devil himself will appear at some point.

The current version of the text is made for Katona József Theater, by adding new storylines and characters for the actors of the troup.


The performance is recommended for people over 18.