Our play Extasy invites the spectator to a discovery. It invites to a constructed mini universe; to an alternative Budapest labyrinth condensed on stage. The multimedia event - running on several storylines and timelines - follows the everyday life of a group of young people, who are looking for the answer to this simple question: how is it possible to be well or at least better. The peculiar world of Extasy agglomerates by using the form language of music, dance, theater and film. Every spectator can put together their own narrative from the dialoges and the scenes by poring over this world.


Is the state of happiness sustainable? If yes, does the community or the individual have a bigger part in it? How does generations Y and Z see the future of Hungary? Is it possible to quit the whirl of periodic problems or only an artifically made sanctuary could help inside the societal system?


extasy (greek. eksztaszisz, 'exit', lat. exstasis), fascination, rapture, trans, 'rüttetés, elrüttetés' in old Hungarian language (flying): in general, state of delirium, in which a thing of natural or supranatural (divine or demonic) origins weakens or suspends the relation to the material world by affecting the senses and consciousness.


The performance is recommended for people over 18.