Translated by Rita Hudáky 


If the world is full of gibberish, so should be the theatre. A post-truth world needs post-truth theatre. Not to understand, to feel (from the stomach). No story, no narrative arc? Why not like to live a life with an arc. Politicians, politicians, politicians!

Wolfram Lotz is one of the most important contemporary German playwrights. His post-dramatic text, Politicians, is a race of associations: a rhythmic repetition of words and fragments of sentences, sometimes hypnotic, sometimes humorous, sometimes suddenly turning into a tragic sordid turn of events.
Incredible gibberish? Noise? A dramatic and entertaining textual monster about the inflation of language, the loss of meaning, the truth lost in a sea of words
in the loss of meaning.

Dohy Balázs


Due to the use of strong light and sound effects, smoke and strobe lights, children, pregnant mothers, epileptics, and people with pacemakers and hearing aids are not recommended.


The performance is part of the Sufni Project mentoring programme, led by Gábor Zsámbéki, in the framework of the Budapest Spring Festival, in collaboration with Budapest Brand, with the support of the Goethe Institute.


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