Written by András Dömötör and Bence Bíró based on the novel by János Térey


A zombie apocalypse is brewing in the Kali Basin. The former inhabitants of long-gone villages are rising from the graveyards and invading the picturesque countryside, breaking into cutting-edge gastronomic establishments and organic farms: the new Hungarian series Káli Holtak (The Dead of Kali Basin), starring young star actor Alex Csáky, will be filming all summer. In a guest appearance at the Füst Milán Theatre in Rome, he will have to put back the time out of joint as the title character in the production known as Hamlet of Trianon. Then the season starts, new rehearsals begin - "always the fucking rush". And Alex bites at life, the roles, the successes, racing higher and higher until, at the top, he's dizzy in the abyss watching him.

"Suddenly there's the looming abyss to the left, I step onto the windswept Keleményes cliff. I shuddered to realize what power must have been at work here. I could see the lava fountains roaring, hear the crackling of branches, the crash of stones hitting the ground, and the maddening heat. For five million years. No man yet. And then the whole valley is covered in smoking debris. I wish I could be like that. Scorching and irresistibly advancing. And that's the mark I should leave. To blend in. Hide, and come to pasture all at once."

János Térey bumped into a billboard of the TV series Fear The Walking Dead while on holiday in the Káli Basin. This and his experiences at the National Theatre Festival's Jury were the inspiration for his latest novel.


The performance is recommended for children over 16.

Due to special seating arrangements, latecomers will not be admitted.

The performance uses strong, flashing light effects.