Based on Turgenev's novel

Translated by: Enikő Perczel


The "ten commandments" of the nihilist Dr Bazarov:
"Love does not exist There is nothing mystical about sexuality. There is nothing mystical about love. Or chemistry. It's nonsense to put all this kitschy bullshit on it. The troubadours were insane. If you want a woman, get her. If she resists, find another. Take Dr. Bazarov's advice: there are as many women as there are eyes."

Turgenyev's emotional, twisting story of what seems like two generations
of the confrontation between two generations, but in fact of the ever-changing relations, ideological
ideological debates, self-deception, compromise and repressed desires.
Young Bazarov is sharp and determined, provoking everyone, provoking everyone
but he cannot defeat himself.

Turgenyev portrayed the opposing sides of the conflict objectively, even sympathetically.
generations, yet he managed to offend everyone. In every mirror
in every mirror was a distorted image. The Chekhov adaptations and the audience of The Soldier
Brian Friel, known to the viewers for his The Dance of the Dogs, condenses and highlights,
suggests and disturbs."


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