Artboard 1 melancholy

Directed by

Jakab Tarnóczi


5 March, 2022


1 hour 30 minutes, no interval

How many people are sitting alone in their rooms now?
Why are they there and for how long?
How long can this be tolerated?

What do the museum keeper and the experimental monkey have in common?
What connects the prima donna trapped between four walls and the man who one day wakes up to find he has turned into a woman?

Together, the Katona József Theatre company creates a musical and visual composition. The characters are isolated from each other and from the world.
Their story is inspired by archetypal figures of European culture and the common trauma of the past.

Parallel solitude stories, monologues told in prose and song.
One-act solitude theatre without a real audience.
Flesh-and-blood music-clips in constant motion.


"Man's deepest need, then, is to overcome his isolation, to free himself from the prison of his solitude."

(Erich Fromm: The Art of Love)


The photo of the set was taken by Judit Horváth.

Next performances

12 march 2024

14 april 2024




Dankó István, Lengyel Benjámin, Pálmai Anna, Rezes Judit, Szirtes Ági, Takátsy Péter, Tasnádi Bence, Bodnár Erika


Visual Giliga Ilka
Dramaturg Kukk Zsófia
Music Bencsik Levente, Hunyadi Máté
Prompter Boncza Anita
Stage manager Valovics István
Assistant to director Tiwald György
Director Tarnóczi Jakab