Photo by Lenke Szilágyi


Theatre and film actor. He has been acting at Katona Theatre since 1995. His previous works at Katona include Yvonne, Princess of Burgundy, Walpurgis-night, Threepenny Opera, The Laughing Man, Cherry Orchard, Live Like Pigs, Adieu, my Dear!, Herr Paul, The Miser, Measure for Measure, Arcadia, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, The Tempest, Public Enemy, Headsman’s Holiday, Tartuffe, The Bacchanae, Saint Goerge and the Dragon, The Idiot, Before and After, The Key, The Talisman, Christmas at Ivanovs, Black Battles with Dogs, Mole, Barbarians, The Wild Duck, Grief, Dilettanti, Ivanov, Two-Headed Beast, Bump, Rattledanddisappeared, Woyzeck, Pinocchio.

Current performances includeTop Dogs (Kristian), Gypsies (Detective 1), The Misanthrope (Alceste), Prolibus Driving to Heaven., Summerfolk (Paoluccio), An Enemy of the People (Dr Tomas Stockmann), Red,
 (Vaghin), M/S.

He has appeared in film and television works.