Photo by Judit Szlovák


Theatre and film actor. He has been acting at Katona since 1998. Hir previous works at Katona include The Broken Jug, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, The Hour We Knew Nothing About Each Other, Saint George and the Dragon, Headsman's Holiday, Csongor and Tünde, The Idiot, Medea, Casemates, The Way of The World, The Great Sganarelle and Co., Tales of Commonsense Insanity, The Talisman, Christmas at Ivanovs, Barbarians, The Trachinae , ”rombolni nem színházat építeni szívesen”, Hunger, Grief, Tales from the Vienna Woods, Locusts, Life is a Dream, A Couple of Poor, Polish-Speaking Romanians, Dilettanti, Bump, Woyzeck, Pinocchio, Flowery Hungary.

Current performances at Katona include The Misanthrope (Clitandre), Summerfolk (Don Eustachio), Martyrs (Dieter Menrath), Judgement Day (Alfons), Illaberek, Waiting for Godot (Estragon).


He has appeared in film and TV works.