Theatre and film actor. János Bán is the member of Katona since 1982, its foundation. Before he acted at Pécs, Győr and Szolnok. His previous works include Exercises in Style, Turandot, Three Sisters, Cherry Orchard, The Government Inspector, The Broken Jug, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, The Art, Arcadia, The Tempest, The Revenge, Saint Goerge and the Dragon,  Are They Still Alive?, The Way of The World, The Great Sganarelle and Co.,Casemates, Surviving Exercises, The Great Sganarelle and Co., A Sexual Congress, Barbarians, Tales from the Vienna Woods, Ivanov, Two-Headed Beast, Bump, Arms and the Man (The Hero and the Chocolate Soldier), The Petty Bourgeois.


Current performances include Portugal (Csipesz), Gypsies (Doctor), Our Class (Zygmunt), Backward (Vidra Zsolt), An Enemy of the People (Aslaksen), Judgement Day (Woodsman/Track-watchman), The Barber.

He has appeared in several TV and film works.

He got several prestigeous state and professional prizes for his acting.