Photo by Lenke Szilágyi

Theatre and film actress. She graduated at Arts. She has been working at Katona Theatre since 1996. After graduating at the Academy of Drama (1998) she became member of the company. Her previous works at Katona include  Cherry Orchard, Yvonne, Princess of Burgundy, Arcadia, Baal, The Tempest, Measure for Measure, Threepenny Opera, Motel, The Bacchanae, Stella, Saint George and the Dragon, Commedia dell’arte, The way of the World, A Sexual Congress, Barbarians, The Trachinae, Locusts, Dilettanti, Two-Headed Beast, Bump, Flowery Hungary.

Current performances include Top Dogs (Lili), Portugal (Wife), The Misanthrope (Céliméne), Musik, Musikk, MusiqueSummerfolk (Donna Florida), Martyrs (Erika Roth),
Light-eaters (Yelena), The Reunification of the Two Koreas.

She has appeared in several film works.

She got several professional prizes for her acting.