Photo by Dániel Dömölky

He has been acting at Katona Theatre since 2006. His previous works at Katona include Casemates,  The Great Sganarelle and Co., The Key, Christmas at Ivanovs, Macbeth, Mole, The Trachinae, Barbarians, ”rombolni nem színházat építeni szívesen”, Locusts, Tales from the Vienna Woods, Dilettanti, Two-Headed Beast, Sirens' Song, Bump, Rattledanddisappeared, Woyzeck, The Petty Bourgeois, Pinocchio, Anamnesis, Gypsies, Backwards, An Enemy of The People, Red, Behind The Glass, Where Even The Woolf Is Good, M/S, 

Current performances include  Our Class (Jakob Katz), Bihari, All's Well That Ends Well (Bertram), Terror (Lars Koch), The Tin Drum, Boris Godunov (Grigory).

He has appeared in Film works and other theatre productions.