Gábor Németh’s adaptation of Szilárd Rubin’s novel „The Holy Innocents”



Alexandra Borbély
Tamás Keresztes
Lehel Kovács
Béla Mészáros
Réka Pelsőczy
Judit Rezes
Alim Adilov
Zsombor Jéger
Pompónia Pálya
Fanni Prohászka
István Dankó
József Horváth
Barnabás Nedár
Ilham Adilov
Zoltán Botka


László Tóth
Gergely Szabó
Gábor Tőzsér

Set-design Péter Gothár
Costumes Ildi Tihanyi
Assistant Judit Tóth 
Directed by Péter Gothár

Between October 1953 and August 1954 five teenage girls disappeared in a small Hungarian city called Törökszentmiklós. The playgrounds turned empty, children were not let go to school alone, some people suspected some Jews, others suspected CIA agents of kidnapping the girls.

Some time later the twenty-year old Piroska Jancsó fell under suspicion. She first said that the girls were raped and murdered by the local soldiers of the Soviet Army, then she confessed to have committed the erotogenic murders alone, moreover, accused her mother of complicity. She was committed to death.

Twelve years later Szilárd Rubin fell in love with the dead girl after seeing her photo. He suspected of a false accusation behind the judgement and started to investigate. He worked on his novel "Holy Innocents", which speaks about Piroska, for more than forty years. It was published in 2012, after the author's death.

Péter Gothár's performance tries to re-enact the investigation, the trial and Rubin's impossible love for Piroska.

Premiere: 14 February, 2014