Annamária Radnai's adaptation of Maxin Gorky's Children of the Sun  
Pavel Protasov: Gergely Kocsis
Lisa, his sister: Anna Pálmai
Jelena, his wife: Eszter Ónodi
Dmitry Vaghin: Ernő Fekete
Boris Chepurnoy: Ervin Nagy
Melaniya, his sister: Adél Jordán
Antonovna, nurse: Judit Csoma
Nazar Avdeyevich: Gábor Máté
Misha, his son: Bence Tasnádi
Yegor, locksmith: Zoltán Bezerédi
Yakov Troshin: András Ötvös
Roman, caretaker: Ferenc Lengyel
Fima, maid: Hanna Pálos
Adotya, Yegor's wife: Eszter Kiss

Vilmos Vajdai

Lusha, maid:

Piroska Mészáros / Anita Tóth

 Musicians: Márton Kovács / Tamás Szakál
Árpád Némedi / Andor Kovács
András Pagonyi / Vilmos Seres
Set designer: Zsolt Khell
Costumes: Györgyi Szakács
Music: Márton Kovács
Dramaturg: Annamária Radnai
Assistant director: György Tiwald
Directed by: Tamás Ascher


Light-eaters are people who believe that, in contrast to others, they can be fed upon light. Creating a group of outcasts, they propagate the superiority of mental nutrition – but often to those who would rather eat bread. The heroes of this play are constantly being occupied with affairs of art and science, they are arguing about amending of the world and they want to make the whole mankind happy. In the meantime, struggling in their chaotic love affairs, they are not doing much good to people around them. Bizarre situations and a series of misunderstandings lead them to disillusionment.

Maxim Gorky wrote his so called intellectual trilogy (Summerfolk, Children of the Sun, Barbarians) between 1904 and 1906. The second piece of that trilogy is performed in a number of prestigious European theatres. Our theatre presents a revised version of the play.


Premiere: 15 February 2014


Duration: 2 hours and 45 minutes, with one intermission.