Henrik Ibsen: An Enemy of the People

Translated by László Kúnos

Dr TOMAS STOCKMANN, medical officer Ernő Fekete
PETER STOCKMANN, his elder bother, the mayor of the town János Kulka 
ASLAKSEN, publisher János Bán
HOVSTAD, editor of The Peoples' Messenger András Ötvös
BILLING, sub-editor of The Peoples' Messenger Lehel Kovács
KATRINE, Dr. Stockmann's wife Judit Rezes
PETRA, their daughter Hanna Pálos
HENRIK, their son Bendegúz Bezerédi
MORTEN KIIL, a tanner, Mrs. Stockmann's father Dénes Ujlaki
HORSTER, captain Ferenc Lengyel
CITIZENS Erika Bodnár
Zoltán Bezerédi
Tamás Keresztes 


Set design Csörsz Khell
Costumes Györgyi Szakács
Video Vince Varga
Music László Sáry
Dramaturg Tamara Török
Assistant György Tiwald
Directed by Gábor ZSÁMBÉKI

Dr Stockmann discovers, that the water of the baths, which revived the small town is polluted. The public, led by the mayor (who is the elder brother of the doctor) refuses to face the truth. The doctor not only has to face with the power of money and the corruption of the authorities, but the public slowly but surely turning against him.

Ibsen wrote An Enemy of the People based on a newspaper article in 1882, three years after A Doll’s House and one year after the Ghosts – actually as a response to the public outcry against the Ghosts. Dr Stockmann was partially based on himself: in 1948, at the outbreak of the First Schleswig War, the twenty-year old Ibsen enthusiastically agitated against the Germans. Realizing, that his compatriots were abandoning the Danes, he raised his voice even more intensively against their cowardice. The intense conflict between him and his environment led Ibsen to see everyone as an enemy of the people.

100 min, with no interval

Premiere: 27 April, 2013