Cast Adél Jordán
Gergely Kocsis
Ervin Nagy
Eszter Ónodi
Judit Rezes
Bence Tasnádi
Orchestra Márton Bakai, Albert Márkos, Mátyás Premecz, Péter Wagner-Puskás, Ernő Hock, Péter Bede, Árpád Kiss, Hunor G. Szabó
Set designer Balázs Cziegler
Costume designer Ildi Tihanyi
Visual Vince Varga
Lighting Zoltán Vida
Hair and make-up Attila Vég
Songs compiled by Albert Márkos
Circus instructor André Rolland
Choreography Kitty Fejes
Butterfly dance instructed by Levente Bajári
Music consultant Péter Wagner-Puskás
Dramaturg Gergely Zöldi
Executive producer Bence Mattyasovszky
Production assistant Judit Gerlóczy
Director Réka Pelsőczy

90 mins with no interval

Premiere: 20 March, Palace of Arts, Budapest, and 4 May, Katona

Our new concert show, Musik, Musikk, Musique, premiered on 20 March in the Palace of Arts. Combining the spirit of the 1920's and 30's European orfeum scene, live music and an innovative mix of juggling and acrobatics, 'Musik' presents a spectacular and intense theatrical vision.The show features an extensive list of songs in French, German, Swedish, Polish, Hungarian, Portuguese, Greek, Finnish, Italian and Yiddish, thus suits non-Hungarian speakers visiting Katona.

Composer Albert Márkos searches for reciprocal influences in music and lyrics from the 1910s, the 1920s and 1930s from Scandinavia to the Balkans, from the Iberian Peninsula to Eastern Europe, with the assistance of six actors and a band. The actors each represent a nation and begin to approach each other starting from the given culture’s coffee shop music, discovering how the world of salon music was formed in the Europe of the time.

"Fine silk dresses, flashing girdles, breath-taking coiffures and a music-hall from the 20's in a smoky and sensual atmosphere…”

Life is a cabaret – says the popular song recalling early 20th century’s old world. Cabaret thrives on theatre, variety and the desire for public life. European cities, becoming metropolis 100 years ago, began to know and learn each other’s culture, music and forms of entertainment. From Scandinavia to the Balkans and Iberia to Eastern-Europe the same songs ruled the night – preserving their local traditions and spirit. People survived hard times through the night – they wanted entertainment more than anything else.

Katona József Theatre presents a dazzling variety, a unique spectacle with live music, memorable song in ten languages and stunning dance performances, reviving an age long gone – not forgotten.

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Musik, Musikk, Musique is a co-production of the Palace of Arts, Budapest Spring Festival and Katona József Theatre.