HE, a young man Béla Mészáros
SHE, a young woman Alexandra Borbély
Translated by: Enikő Perczel
Set design: Péter Horgas
Costumes: Nóra Bujdosó
Dramaturg: Zsuzsa Várady
Assistant Director: Vera Fejes
Directed by: András Dömötör

Premiere: 7 January, 7 pm - Kamra

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"He carries a plastic carrier bag bearing the logo of a hardware shop to the table in a dilapidated flat. He crosses to the wardrobe and takes out a long, white butcher’s apron and spreads it out over the sink. From the refrigerator he fetches a glass containing something red, which could be blood. He dips his finger int he glass, considers for a moment, and then lets the liquid dribble in what looks like an artistic fashion on the apron, and then replaces the glass. But he’s not happy with the result, so he smears some of the drops with his index finger, adds some cigarette ash from the ashtray and rubs the two together. He takes a stepladder and fetches a package from a hiding place on top of the wardrobe, opens it solemnly, and takes out leather butcher’s gloves and a leather mask exactly the same as the one in Tobe Hooper’s "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre"."