István Dankó

Anna Pálmai
Károly Hajduk
Réka Pelsőczy
Lehel Kovács
Ági Szirtes
Vilmos Kun
Hanna Pálos
Ferenc Lengyel
Alexandra Borbély
Zoltán Rajkai
Eszter Tóth
László Szacsvay
Júlia Huzella
Gergely Kovács
Adrienn Herczeg
Judit Szathmáry
Dorottya Jéger

Set Design:
Péter Horgas
Nóra Bujdosó
László Sáry, Péter Zombola, Árpád Kákonyi
Assistant Director:
Judit Tóth

Directed by:
András Dömötör


"The images of destruction flow relentlessly in Péter Nádas's large-scale vision, which is a philosophical piece and wonderful poetry and blasphemic and sensual epic, with some dramatic hints"

(Dezső Kovács)


"It is not possible to put Péter Nádas's Sirens' Song on stage. The Sirens's Song at the Katona is played in a great performance by the actors of the Katona company. (...) The actors' presence is gleaming. Our tribute to the whole company."



It is beyond doubt that Péter Nádas's non-dramatic, but rather essayistic-poetic and wise poem on the universe is incredibly beautiful. (...) The cast is made of inventive actors who completely understand this extremely important, new Hungarian play that induces new thoughts and solutions on stage, actors who jump from heroic epic to cabaret, if necessary."

(Tamás Tarján)


"András Dömötör took out of Sirens' Song whatever he felt theatrical, and turned it into its own parody, giving way to both the tragical and comical aspects of this apocalypse."
(Judit Csáki)