ALCESTE, He is in love with Céliméne Ernő Fekete
PHILINTE, He is a good friend of Alceste Gergely Kocsis
ORONTE, He is in love with Céliméne Gábor Máté
CÉLIMÉNE, She is in love with Alceste Eszter Ónodi
ÉLIANTE, She is Céliméne's cousin Réka Tenki
ARSINOÉ, She is Céliméne's girlfriend Andrea Fullajtár
ACASTE Péter Takátsy
ARISTE Vilmos Vajdai
ARISTE's lover Eszter Kiss
BASQUE, Céliméne's manservant Béla Mészáros
FLIPOTE Anita Tóth
Guard of the Marshalsea Dénes Ujlaki
Set designer: Levente Bagossy
Costumes: Györgyi Szakács
Lighting designer Tamás Bányai
Dramaturg Tamara Török
Literary collaborator Szabolcs Várady
Assistant director: György Tiwald
Directed by: Gábor Zsámbéki


“I could not have written a better play I most certainly never will” – wrote Molière about

The Misantrophe which was put on by his acting company in 1666. “The Misantrophe

should be rewritten every five years” – said Diderot a century later.

Katona puts the play on for the second time; the first performance premiered in 1988 and

it was directed by Gábor Székely, the first artistic director of the theatre.


Duration: 1 hour and 40 minutes, without intermission.


Premiere: 7 January 2011