Mr Harkocsány: László Szacsvay
Mrs Harkocsány: Ági Szirtes
Szidike: Anna Pálmai
Dani: Tamás Keresztes
Miss: Hanna Pálos
Áskárá: Lehel Kovács
Kakuk Marci: Péter Takátsy
Host: Dénes Ujlaki
Mr Kukac: Zoltán Rajkai
Policeman 1: István Dankó
Policeman 2: András Ötvös
Doctor: János Bán
Fireman: Ferenc Lengyel
Detective 1: Ernő Fekete
Detective 2: Ádám Kovács
Journalist: Eszter Kiss
Gypsy politician: Gergely Kocsis
Set designer: Balázs Cziegler
Costumes: Anni Füzér
Dramaturg: Tamara Török
Music: László Sáry
Moves: Péter Takátsy
Assistant director: György Tiwald
Directed by: Gábor Máté

Running time:  2 1/2 hours with intermission

In 2008 and 2009 a series of murders was committed against gypsies in some villages of the Hungarian countryside. In most cases they threw Molotov coctails in their houses, and shot at the escaping gypsies.

            In the first half of the performance we use a text written in 1931: a love triangle in a world when gypsies and Hungarians could live together in the same town or village, even if there were conflicts between them. After the violent ending of this „idyll”, the contemporary version of the story comes: the police start to investigate the murder, but everyone is corrupt, there is hatred between each of them, and, as a consequence, no result can be reached in the investigation. 


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