One-act plays
Alice: Erika Bodnár
Billy: Béla Mészáros
Soldier: Károly Hajduk
Prisoner: Éva Olsavszky
Welfare Officer: Judit Rezes
Jams: Ferenc Lengyel
Katherine: Judit Rezes
Grit: Tamás Keresztes
Postern: Zoltán Bezerédi
Lambeth: Andrea Fullajtár
Margerson: Tamás Fodor
Someone Károly Hajduk
Translated by: László Upor
Set Design: Csörsz Khell
Costumes: Mária Szabó C.
Musical Associate: László Sáry
Assistant Director: Judit Tóth
Directed by: Gábor Zsámbéki

Premiere: 15th November, 7 pm - Kamra


Anita Boncza, László Tóth, László Bokor, Zoltán Botka, Sándor Pető, Gábor Tőzsér, Gábor Benke, József Pető, Anikó Kovalcsik, Barnabás Nedár, László Petróczy, József Horváth, Éva Ignácz, Mária Pintér, Attila Végh, Réka Budavári


Edward Bond (born 18 July 1934) is an English playwright, theatre director, poet, theorist and screenwriter. He is the author of the play Saved (1965), the production of which was instrumental in the abolition of theatre censorship in the UK. His controversial work has met with extremes of reaction, from vilification to dismissal to claims that he is the world's greatest living dramatist.

"I write about violence as naturally as Jane Austen wrote about manners," Edward Bond confessed. Graphic violence runs through Bond's plays, but he uses it to provoke self-awareness, not shock. "Violence shapes and obsesses our society, and if we do not stop being violent we have no future. People who do not want writers to write about violence want to stop them writing about us and our time. It would be immoral not to write about violence."

The production of the Katona József Theatre includes three one-act plays written by Bond since the millenium. Chair was first produced at the Avignon Festival, directed by Alain Françon. Have I None was written for and produced by the Birmingham based Big Brum (Theatre in Education) Company and had many successful performances all around the world, including Spain, Canada, Germany, France, Sweden, Montenegro. Katona József Theatre is the first to stage People.

Time: 2077. Place: somewhere on Earth. In this world everything is controlled by authority, feelings are forbidden as well as pieces of art or family relations. The past is demolished. Still, sometimes there gets a flaw in the system...
Chair: A woman hides a strange young man in her small flat. The boy is unable to grow up. The hiding goes on successfully for years - but one day someone from authorities arrive.
Have I None: A couple's lives are irreversibly changed by the appearance of a disturbing stranger who questions their existence.
People: The protagonists of the play seem to be the last survivors on Earth. Four people struggling for their lives or possibly for relieving death...