Alexandr Pushkin: Boris Godunov

On 17 February 1598 an unusual event happened in Russian history: instead of inheritance, the zar was elected by the national assembly. As Boris Godunov, the newly elected zar, did not have any relationship with the royal family, the Russian noblemen and the people were reluctant to accept him on the throne. We still do not know how he could manage to get into power; it is common belief that he committed terrible crimes in order to achieve his aim, among which the main one is the suspected murder of the prevoius zar's son, Dimitry.
Everyone was astonished when, in the fifth year of Boris's reign, a young monk turned up saying that he was Dimitry, alive, and wanted to acceed to the throne. The most chaotic times of Russian history started with his appearance. Civil wars, bloody political battles for the throne were going on in Russia. After Boris's death seven false Dimitries announced their desire to acceed to the throne, and the people had to put up with four zars during these wars.
No wonder that the people were more and more stoic and disillusioned when they saw the new zars getting into power.
Alexander Pushkin only partly realized his plan of writing a tragedy, entitled Boris Godunov, about some memorable events of the Russian national history. He did write Boris Godunov, but instead of being a great, national tragedy, it became a witty, exciting and surprisingly modern play: its irony does not let us cry for any of the characters. Its focus, on the one hand, is the techniques of the games for power, an on the other hand the relationship between the lords, full of lust for power, and the people, tired of always having to be pliant.



Boris Godunov Gábor Máté
Grigori Lehel Kovács
Prince Sujski Bezerédi Zoltán
Abbot Pimen László Szacsvay
Father Varlaam, Boyar, Cossack, Man of People Dénes Ujlaki
Driveller, Father Misail, Boyar, Moscow exile János Bán
Koshkin, Russian exile István Dankó
Patriarch, Rosnov, Captive Ferenc Elek
Innkeeper, Nurse, Woman of People Erika Bodnár
Marina Vivien Rujder
Marina's companion, Courtier, Woman of People Kiss Eszter
Ksenia, Czarevitch Blanka Mészáros
Varatinskij; Rosen, German officer Zsolt Dér
Kabanov, Man of People, Border Guard Dávid Vizi
Kurbskij, Courtier, Boyar Tamás Kovács
Poet; Margaret, French officer Attila Lestyán
Man of People, Sobanski, Border Guard Attila G. László
Czarevitch, Corner-boy Tóbiás Zsámbéki/Zétény Varga
Mnisek, Guard Dezső Lakatos
Hungarian translation Annamária Radnai and János Térey
Set and Costume Design István Szlávik, Györgyi Szakács
Lighting József Pető
Dramaturg Annamária Radnai
Assistant to Director György Tiwald
Director Gábor Zsámbéki
27 May, 2017

Running time
120 minutes with interval