Mother Courage and Her Children

Written by Bertolt Brecht / music by Paul Dessau

"And all the time you might say we’re sinking lower and lower, and it’s true what the song says, and soup is few and far between, and if we weren’t like this but thieves and murderers I dare say we’d be eating our fill. For virtues aren’t their own reward, only wickednesses are, that’s how the world goes and it didn’t ought to.” – says the Cook in Bertolt Brecht’s play written in 1939. As the issue of war made Mother Courage relevant in the times when the play was born, its other themes, morals, money, omnipotence of business interests and strategies for surviving, make the play relevant for 21st century audiences, too.


Mother Courage Fullajtár, Andrea
Kattrin, her daughter Pálos, Hanna
Eilif, her elder son Mészáros, Béla
Swiss Cheese, her younger son Dankó, István
The Cook Fekete, Ernő
The Chaplain Elek, Ferenc
Yvette Pottier Kiss, Eszter
Other characters

Bodnár, Erika
Keresztes, Tamás
Lengyel, Ferenc
Rajkai, Zoltán
Takátsy, Péter
Tasnádi, Bence


Translated by Nemes Nagy, Ágnes
Set-designer Antal, Csaba
Costume-designer Szakács, Györgyi
Lighting designer Pető, József
Movement Keresztes, Tamás
Music director Sáry, László and Dargay, Marcell
Dramaturg Török, Tamara
Assistant to director Tiwald, György
Directed by Zsámbéki, Gábor


17 January, 2015


2 hours 30 minutes with one interval
Painting projected: Anselm Kiefer: Essence

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