Photo by Dániel Dömölky


He has been acting at Katona since 2008. His previous works include A Sexual Congress, Macbeth, Mole, The Last Night of Carnival,  Barbarians, ”rombolni nem színházat építeni szívesen”, The Wild Duck, Tales from the Vienna Woods, The Triumph of LoveWhat's This Sound?,  A Couple of Poor, Polish-Speaking Romanians, Dilettanti, Ivanov, Two-Headed Beast Sirens' Song, The Philosopher, Bump, Rattledanddisappeared, Board of Trustees, Carnival, Arms and the Man (The Hero and the Chocolate Soldier),  Pinocchio, Anamnesis.

Current performances at Katona: Backward (Rezső), Martyrs (Georg Hansen), Red, Where Even the Woolf Is Good, Behind The Glass, M/S.