Photo by Dániel Dömölky

Theatre and film actor. He is the member of Katona’s company since 1999. He’s dealing with music. His previous works at Katona include Pericles, The Miser, Baal, Public Enemy, Knife in Hen, The Hour We Knew Nothing About Each Other, Saint George and the Dragon, The Distant Country, The Idiot, Motel, Black Milk, Csongor and Tünde,  Mr. Puntila and His Man Matti, Troilus and Cressida, Casemates, Tales of Commonsense Insanity, A Sexual Congress, The Talisman, Macbeth, Mole, Barbarians, The Trachinae, The Last Night of Carnival, ”rombolni nem színházat építeni szívesen”, Dog Waltz, Golden Dragon, Dilettanti, What’s this sound?, Two-Headed Beast, The Philosopher, Board of TrusteesCarnival, Arms and the man (The Hero and the Chocolate Soldier), The MisanthropeThe Petty Bourgeois, Flowery Hungary.

Current performances include The Misanthrope (Philinte), Gypsies (Gypsy politician), Musik, Musikk, MusiqueSummerfolk (Don Ciccio), Judgement Day (Public prosecutor/Musician), Light-eaters (Protasov), Waiting for Godot (Vladimir).

He has appeared in TV and film works.

He got several professional prizes for his acting.