Erna: Judit Pogány
Grete: Ági Szirtes
Mariedl: Eszter Csákányi
Violin: Katalin Fenyő
Accordeon: Norbert Szax
And the Hinterládi Vigasztalók XXX
Translated by: Mária Szilágyi and Lajos Parti Nagy
Set Design: Zsolt Khell
Costumes: Györgyi Szakács
Music: István Márta
Assistant Director: György Tiwald
Directed by: Tamás Ascher


National Theatre Festival (1997)
• Best Leading Actress: Eszter Csákányi, Judit Pogány, Ági Szirtes (tie)

First Ladies is indeed a quite normal conversational piece as well. Someone who wouldn’t understand a word of the disgusting reports of the three women - say, because he unplugged the interpreter machine’s headset just to keep his dinner inside - might as well think that the topic is the latest gossip about the royal family; the three excellent actresses present the ordinary milieu with such exact detail, such purity of characters." (Joachim Auch, Stuttgarter Zeitung)