Anna: Ildikó Tóth
Kristian: Ernő Fekete
Lili: Eszter Ónodi
Mark: Zoltán Rajkai
Vanda: Judit Rezes / Réka Pelsőczy
Kaspar: Győző Szabó
Patrik: Péter Takátsy
Toni: Vilmos Vajdai
Set design: Levente Bagossy
Costumes: Andrea Földi
Assistant Director: Judit Tóth
Directed by: László Bagossy


Theatre Critics’ Award (2002)
• Most Promising Beginner: Judit Rezes

Kontakt Festival, Torun (2003)
• Festival Award

National Theatre Festival (2003)
• Best Performance

“The demonstration of lies that Bagossy’s enjoyable, fast and humorous performance presents us, is conducted by prison guards. The training organizer NCC’s tough guards educate their clients and their Übermensch-image to be strong and invulnerable. But when they are left alone, it turns out not to be so easy. They start to dream, they behave unaccordingly: they make confessions, their emotions pour forth, they become honest and self-reflective. They think, they smile, they cry, they bump their heads into the wall, they flirt. And from the top dogs, shy, complexed, lonely and human creatures come out."
(Andrea Tompa)