Vladimir Sorokin: Sugar Kremlin


There is peace and order in Russia. The Great Wall keeps away the external enemies of our nation: the damn cyberpunks, the hypocrite Catholics, the insane Buddhists, the angry Muslims, the Satanists, the sodomites, the hideous metamors, werewolves who change their God-given shape, the megaonanists. The internal enemies of our nation, however, continue their damned activities, therefore the tsarist secret police cannot rest, not even in the 2030s. The oprichniks still work day and night to keep our homeland clean with their words and actions.”


On each level of society, every day is filled with stupor: in the Kremlin, in the Secret Prikaz, in the cities and on the countryside as well, everybody seeks for the moments of ease in dreams, religious rituals, common drugs and tales. The deeper the bluntness and the dreaming, the bigger the happiness and the peace. This production gives the cross-sectional view on this distorted society, in which past, future, reality, dream, fact and impulse are mingled for good.



Adél Jordán Hanna Pálos
Lehel Kovács Péter Takátsy
Ferenc Lengyel Zoltán Rajkai
Béla Mészáros  
Anna Pálmai  


Set-design / Costumes Katerina Csomor and Adél Török
Choreography Máté Hegymegi
Music Gábor Keresztes
Dramaturg/writer Ádám Fekete
Consultant to dramaturg Annamária Radnai
Assistant Réka Budavári
Directed by Dániel Kovács D.

16 May, 2015

Length of the performance
1 hour 50 min, with no interval