Mike Leigh: Abigail's Party


Mike Leigh, the popular English film director started his career as a theatre director and writer. The structure of his movie scenes and written works are characterised by detailed, subtle performances that use lots of experience and observation. Both his movies and his plays are contemplating about issues of private life with focus on disfunctional relationships.

The characters of Abigail’s Party are street neighbors in the suburbs. They are regular people of an age in which one starts wondering for the first time about whether they have got everything in life that they have wanted being young. They have no reason to be dissatisfied. But after one of the neighbors’ teenage daughter, Abigail throws a party for her friends, the adults get together as well to have some drinks and to get to know each other better – becoming forced to ask each other and themselves questions that they probably should not have asked. 


Beverly Rezes, Judit
Laurence Kocsis, Gergely
Angie Jordán, Adél
Tony Ötvös, András
Suzy Ónodi, Eszter


Translated by Hamvai, Kornél
Set designer Khell, Zsolt
Costume designer Szakács, Györgyi
Lighting designer Bányai, Tamás
Music compiler Vajdai, Vilmos
Prompter Fejes, Vera
Dramaturg Radnai, Annamária
Assistant to director Tóth, Judit
Directed by Ascher, Tamás

Collaborators: Zsigó, Anna; Vég, Attila; Kelecsényi, Bernadett; Kovács, Ildikó; Lászlófi, Orsolya; Tóth, László; Pető Sándor; Tőzsér, Gábor; Botka, Zoltán; Bokor, László; Szabó, Gergő; Horváth, József; Wirth, Tamás; Petróczy, László; Nedár, Barnabás; Pető, Gergő; Ignácz, Éva; Pintér, Mária; Gáspár, Viktória; Hoffmann, Éva; Molnár, Fanni; Mezővári, Margit; Mucsi, Gábor; Kántor, László; Mészáros, László; Csermák, Zoltán

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16 January, 2015

1 hour 45 minutes, with no interval

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