Based on Carlo Goldoni's play, written by Mohácsi brothers
Translated by Tamara Török



Don Gasparo Vilmos Vajdai
Donna Lavinia Andrea Fullajtár
Donna Florida Eszter Ónodi
Don Mauro Zoltán Rajkai 
Don Paoluccio Ernő Fekete
Don Ciccio Gergely Kocsis
Don Riminaldo Péter Takátsy
Don Eustachio Ferenc Elek
Donna Giuseppina Judit Rezes
Libera Adél Jordán
Menichina Hanna Pálos
Zerbino Bence Tasnádi
Musicians Béla Ágoston / Dániel Váczi 
Albert Márkos  / Mátyás Ölveti
Márton Kovács / Bertalan Veér 



Set design Zsolt Khell 
Costumes Kriszta Remete
Music Márton Kovács
Dramaturg István Mohácsi, Tamara Török 
Assistant Judit Gerlóczi 


Directed by János Mohácsi 


























Marriage seriously harms you and others around you.

This is a production about the information held back by the registrar (as if he were an almighty oncologist). It is about those risks and undesired side effects.

It is time to face the inevitable fact that marriage – or any relationship of that kind – leads to slow and certain death at the end of the tunnel. It leads to the blockage of the arteries, causes heart attack, emphysema and seizure. Marriage may contain benzene, nitrosamine, formaldehyde, hydrocianid, E223 and traces of peanut and dairy derivatives. According to the official opinion of the Healthcare Ministry, married couples live happily ever after.

Out of Carlo Goldoni’s two hundred plays only a few is performed in Hungarian and European theatres. In January 2013, Katona put on an unknown Goldoni play written in 1756, Summerfolk, directed by János Mohácsi. In the play, an illustrious group of people go to spend some time on the countryside by eating, drinking, hunting, playing cards and mocking each other’s weaknesses. The host is cheating on his wife, the wife has a mistress who is cheating on her with other women, while peasant girls from the neighborhood are trying to seduce the noblemen.


Premiere: 26 January, 2013





















Premiere 26 January, 2013


Photographer:Ábel Szalontai 





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