Stage adaptation by Annamária Radnai




Zsolt Vidra and Zsolt Vidra's father János Bán
Young Zsolt Vidra  Bálint Bán
Mrs Vidra and other cast Erika Bodnár
Young Mrs Vidra and other cast Alexandra Borbély
Joli Vidra and other cast Réka Pelsőczy
Ancsa and other cast Anna Pálmai
Chief engineer and other cast László Szacsvay
Csongor and other cast Ferenc Lengyel
Rezső and other cast István Dankó
The rich and other cast Béla Mészáros
Bodó and other cast Lehel Kovács



Set design Balázs Cziegler  
Costumes Andrea Kovács 
Light design József Pető 
Sound Tamás Wirth 
Prompter Anita Boncza 
Dramaturg Annamária Radnai 
Assistant Judit Tóth 


Directed by Gábor MÁTÉ

















Backward tells the story of an ordinary man, Zsolt Vidra, but, as the title refers to it, the events of his life, the pivotal points of his existence, are presented backwards. From the desperate years of being homeless, through all the disappointments of his adulthood, loves of his youthful years and experiences of his childhood, up until the golden times of being an infant.


Premiere: 25 January, 2013


Photographer: Dániel Dömölky