Based on the translation of László Kúnos


Hedda Gabler has learned that if everything is fine on the outside, everything is fine on the inside. Status, money, comfort. The inner being of the attractive and exciting, almost perfect woman is full of dark tones, secrets, manipulation, selfishness, fear and repression. When an ex-love unexpectedly enters her life, the ice on the vulnerable surface of fictional perfectionism begins to crack. The dance of figures circling in regular circles, like moths in the night under her spell, becomes a chaotic tumbling as Hedda unravels. Beneath the representative outer layers, we see irregular but more real faces.

Kriszta Székely's second Ibsen adaptation explores not only psychological characters and situations through the themes of role-playing, the desire for freedom and confrontation with harsh truth, but also a playful language that moves the classical material.