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Kriszta Székely

Written by

Henrik Ibsen


15 October, 2022


1 hour 35 minutes, no interval

Based on the translation of László Kúnos

Hedda Gabler has learned that if everything is fine on the outside, everything is fine on the inside. Status, money, comfort. The inner being of the attractive and exciting, almost perfect woman is full of dark tones, secrets, manipulation, selfishness, fear and repression. When an ex-love unexpectedly enters her life, the ice on the vulnerable surface of fictional perfectionism begins to crack. The dance of figures circling in regular circles, like moths in the night under her spell, becomes a chaotic tumbling as Hedda unravels. Beneath the representative outer layers, we see irregular but more real faces.

Kriszta Székely's second Ibsen adaptation explores not only psychological characters and situations through the themes of role-playing, the desire for freedom and confrontation with harsh truth, but also a playful language that moves the classical material.


Next performances

27 December 2023

15 January 2024

27 January 2024




JÖRGEN TESMAN PhD. Bányai Kelemen Barna
THIA Mentes Júlia
BRACK, bíró Takátsy Péter
JULLE NÉNI, Jörgen's Aunt Kiss Eszter


Set design Balázs Juli
Assistant to set designer Fehér Luca Kata
Costumes Pattantyus Dóra
Dramaturg Szabó-Székely Ármin
Music Matisz Flóra Lili
Lights Bárány Bence
Prompter Schaefer Andrea
Stage manager Valovics István
Assistant to director Tiwald György
Director      Székely Kriszta


Heads of stagehands: Fodor István, Fórián Péter, Stagehands: Brusznyiczki János, Frankó Bence, Kovács Bálint, Kurucz András, Lakatos Dezső, Molnár László, Szabó András, Szakács László, Szalontai István, Head of props: Tölli Judit, Props: Kertész Janka, Head of lighting: Pető Gergő, Lighting: Bárány Bence, Kovács Mózes, Makray Gábor, Mészáros Gábor, Sziebert Sebestyén,Head of dressers: Kovács Ildikó, Dressers: Batta Eszter, Elek Bea, Kulcsár Nóra, Head of hairdressers: Szeberényi Lejla, Hairdresser: Szabó Sára, Sound technician: Szomszéd Máté; Héricz Anna; Nagy Réka


Remindmagazin - Kerekes Anna
Magyar Hang - Makrai Sonja
Sümegi Noémi - index.hu

"From the very first moment, Adél Jordán's extremely feminine Hedda leaves no doubt as to who is the man of the house. She fiddles with the pin-pinned specimens in her collection of beetles at will, she tells them she wants to sit in the middle, separating the lovers, she deliberately insults and humiliates them, she pushes the boundaries, but it seems she can do anything, because she is the great Hedda Gabler. And those whom she takes into her confidence may even be grateful, not suspecting that behind the kindness lies malicious intent."
Turbuly Lilla - Kútszéli Stílus
Gabnai Katalin - szinhaz.net
Szekeres Szabolcs - Art7.hu
Balogh Gyula - Népszava
Kiss Annamária - magyarnarancs.hu
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Molnár Zsófia - ÉS.hu
Csatádi Gábor - Pótszékfoglaló
Földesdy Gabriella - Klárisújság.hu


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Interjú Székely Krisztával a papageno.hu-n

"Our world has changed in many ways, but it has also remained the same since the work was written. Women are freer, but finding inner freedom and peace is still difficult and always will be. In many cases, the obligatory patterns from which we have been freed can become even more toxic when internalised. What is freedom really? This is the question Ibsen explores in this work."
"Kriszta Székely's production, Hedda Gabler, was the perfect choice for me: it captivated me every moment, it thrilled me, it made me think, I liked it in every detail beyond my expectations. I especially loved the actors' performances, we would have sprinkled them with all sorts of superlatives if we weren't used to such a good company."
Interjú Jordán Adéllal és Székely Krisztával a 24.hu-n
Interjú Mentes Júliával és Mészáros Bélával a Pótszékfoglalón
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