Catullus - reviews

Now that we have seen the play in the Odeon, we might think that its ruthlessness might have contributed to the delay in the production. Catullus so unmercifully about the relationship between a man and a woman, that it arrives to the point of both parties feeling the deep desire to kill. (...) This is the performance that could be a grand-guignol was it not for the sensitive and powerful acting. Gábor Székely and Csaba Antal have given us a perfect, intelligent idea about the bourgeois world that Füst deprived of every the traditional concepts.
A.H., Le Quotidienne

The human relationships get a life of their own, for which reason the characters are captured by a whirling, destructive emotional chaos- a very useful means of theatrical stylistic expression. Gábor Székely shows this wild whirling that washes all passionately, without moderating subtlety, in a spacious and tall interior /Csaba Antall’s exciting stage plan/. (...) The performance has a long-lasting effect owing to the sovereign treatment of dramaturgical emphasis as well, not only the rows and the arguments are loud, passionate and tense to the breaking point, but sometimes the less dramatic scenes as well whereas some powerfully dramatic scenes, such as the announcement of Metellus’ suicidal intentions, appear in their simplicity, with almost self-explanatory naturality. For the part of the audience that does not speak Hungarian, the audience in Zurich did not consist of them only, this differentiated treatment of the dialogues and the atmosphere it created were not always spontaneously perceptible. The completely monotonous simultaneous interpretation, which fortunately was not concurring with the actors, smoothed the waves and thus lessened the experience. In spite of this, the non-Hungarian audience of the Sunday night show gave expressed their appreciation with very long round applause. The talented company’s interpretation lets Gábor Székely’s spectacular direction prevail which however sovereign may be always puts the actor in the spotlight, what is more, it builds on the actors’ performance and on their charismatic presence.
Viviane Egli, Zürichsche Zeitung