Zsámbéki, this theatre man of great routine managed to put this huge theme on stage without the slightest hint of pomposity. He depicts reality with gentle sincerity and wit in a way that this depiction goes beyond every kind of reality. Man is in the focus of his interest, his actors, above all the fantastic Eszter Csákányi, grow this theme to the most important theme in the world in the two hours of the performance.

Helga Stöhr-Strauch

Katona József Theatre from Budapest gives yet again a proof of its abilities in their current guest play. Everyman is a dynamic series of pictures about an incredibly shabby Hungary. (…)

Roland Müller, Stuttgarter Zeitung

In the weekend the famous Katona József Theatre played Everyman in the Kampnagel. This company, directed by Gábor Zsámbéki, is able to create intensity with thrifty means. The tight stage shows six pale and bare, but powerful pictures quickly one after the other. (...)  Eszter Csákányi plays the leading role in desperate tension, restlessly, precipitately tugging something on her clothes.

Frauke Harmann, TAZ

Shocking and cheery at the same time, the Katona József Theatre from Budapest shows an upsetting parabola about fear of death, chased people and communication breakdown in Everyman, directed by Gábor Zsámbéki.

dan, Hamburger Morgenpost