Director Gábor Máté creates a pair of the two complementing protagonists who are always mentioned together and who always get mixed up, two philosophers who remind us of Vladimir and Estragon at times, Laurel and Hardy at others. They argue, babble, grab onto probability theories, dialectics and rethoric and throw innumerable work theories around as if this way chaos could really be dealt with. Gábor Máté’s clever and ironic direction looks at these men with great compassion. (...) Life and death, death and theatre, theatre and life- these are the poles of this theatrical reflection that is comic to the core and the acting of which is deeply impressive. One takes home the comic grievance over ruined lives. „We will do it better next time”- sounds Rosencrantz’s surprising summary in the closing picture- is this possible?

Hanna Mainzer, Stuttgarter Nachrichten

Director Gábor Máté did not only direct with precision, detail and wit but also added the details of gestures and mimicry, subtle acting insertions so the show is full of things to see and to discover. János Bán and József Tóth are first class actors; they play the leading roles and the minor roles as well with mastery. Suddenly the male-diva of the company, who earns money for the others with his body, gets a character. (...) The Katona József Theatre gave a wonderful performance.

Adrienne Braun, Stuttgarter Zeitung