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2016. március 18

On our main stage The Champion written and directed by Béla Pintér opens in 19 March."Last year Gábor Máté invited me to direct at the Katona József Theatre. I asked for time to consider. One evening, on the balcony at home, I was istening again to Puccini’s opera Il tabarro, when suddenly a story set in modern-day Hungary occurred to me. I accepted the invitation.

2015. március 16

On 22 and 23 May we play Goethe's Faust I. and II. with English subtitles.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: Faust I-II.
Directed by Árpád Schilling
22-23 May, Friday and Saturday |Faust I.:  Tickets, Faust II.: Tickets

2013. június 07

The variety concert, reviving the 1920's Europe, is on show on 7 June in Brno, at National Theatre.

Katona József Theatre presents a dazzling variety, a unique spectacle with live music, memorable songs in ten languages and stunning dance performances, reviving an age long gone – not forgotten.

Life is a cabaret – says the popular song recalling early 20th century’s old world. Cabaret thrives on theatre, variety and the desire for public life. European cities, becoming metropolis 100 years ago, began to know and learn each other’s culture, musik and forms of entertainment. From Scandinavia to the Balkans and Iberia to Eastern-Europe the same songs ruled the night – preserving their local traditions and spirit. People survived hard times through the night – they wanted entertainment more than anything else.

2013. április 17

Our company performs Our Class in the 33rd Warsaw Theatre Meetings in Warsaw, Poland.

The play is on show on Friday and Saturday in Na Woli Theatre.

For further information and detailed programme please visit: http://www.33wst.pl/english

Our Class, written by Tadeusz Słobodzianek, directed by Gábor Máté, was premiered in October 2011, and voted the best Hungarian play of the year by the Hungarian Theatre Critics’ Association in 2012.