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Mother Courage and Abigail: two premieres in January

On our main stage Gábor Zsámbéki directs Bertolt Brecht's Mother courage and her Children, featuring Andrea Fullajtár in the leading role. The way Brecht talks about morale, money, the superiority of business, as well as survival strategies, makes this classic masterpiece as relevant today, as did the war in the 1930s. Premiere date: 17 January.

Paralel, on Kamra stage opens Abigail' party by Mike Leigh, directed by Tamás Ascher. Abigail's Party is a play for stage and television devised and directed in 1977 by Mike Leigh. It is a suburban situation comedy of manners, and a satire on the aspirations and tastes of the new middle class that emerged in Britain in the 1970s. Premiere date: 16 January.

Marlene returns from London to Katona

After a series of successful gigs in last May and September, award-winning performer, Eva Magyar is back in Hungary with her unique and painfully sincere show. 'Marlene' is on stage in March in Katona József Theatre both in English and Hungarian.

Eva Magyar was born in Budapest, Hungary. She studied dance and acrobatics and graduated from Budapest Film and Drama University. After moving to London, she worked with various companies, including the National Theatre and RSC.

Theatre shows for English-speakers in Katona

With a superb cast and internationally acclaimed directors, Katona József Theatre is one of the major art theatres in Hungary. Katona stages classic Hungarian and international drama, as well as a selection of contemporary plays. Located downtown in vibrant District V, Katona is a vital part of Budapest’s cultural scene.

Waiting for Godot from Ascher and Zsámbéki

Tamás Ascher and Gábor Zsámbéki directs Samuel Beckett's classic play with an all-star cast on our main stage. Vladimir and Estragon played by Gergely Kocsis and Ferenc Elek, also featuring János Kulka as Pozzo and Tamás Keresztes as Lucky.


Waiting for Godot debuts on 26 April.

For more information and tickets, please contact our Box Office.

Two premieres in mid-February

On our main stage Tamás Ascher directs a version of Gorky's Children of the Sun. Titled Light-eaters and set in in the last decades of the 20. century, the play centred around a group of people, who believe all they need is light to survive. Representing the intellectual class, they aim to make the world better, help fellow people in the need - yet, they may struggle to understand or even see others. Premiere date: 15 February.

Our other new show, staged in Kamra, Where even the wolf is good is a mix of a crime story and a surrealistic  tale set in 1950's communist Hungary, based on actual events.

Between October 1953 and August 1954 five teenage girls disappeared in a small town. The playgrounds turned empty, children were not let go to school alone, some people suspected the Jews, others suspected CIA agents of kidnapping the girls.

Some time later the twenty-year old Piroska Jancsó fell under suspicion. She first said that the girls were raped and murdered by the local soldiers of the Soviet Army, then she confessed to have committed the erotogenic murders alone, moreover, accused her mother of complicity. She was sentenced to death.

Twelve years later Szilárd Rubin fell in love with the dead girl after seeing a photo of her. He suspected of a false accusation behind the judgement and started to investigate. He worked on his novel "Holy Innocents", which speaks about Piroska, for more than forty years. It was published in 2012, after the author's death. Péter Gothár's direction tries to re-enact the investigation, the trial and Rubin's impossible love for Piroska. Where even the wolf is good debuts in 14 February.

For more information and tickets, please contact our Box Office.

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