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Photo by Judit Szlovák

Theatre and film actor. He has been acting at Katona since 1993. Int he season 2001/2002 he was member of City (Városi) Theatre. His previous works at Katona include Hamlet, Julius Ceasar, The Laughing Man, Yvonne, the Princess of Burgundy, Pericles, Tonight We Improvise, The Miser, Measure for Measure, Arcadia, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, Saint George and the Dragon, The Revenge, Tartuffe, Before and After, The Way of the World, Troilus and Cressida, Casemates, Turandot Public Bath, Trout Quintet, Christmas at Ivanovs, Macbeth, Barbarians, ”rombolni nem színházat építeni szívesen”, Locusts, Life is a Dream, What's This Sound?, Bump, Rattledandisappeared, The Misanthrope, Heldenplatz, Summerfolk, Judgement Day.

Current performances include Top Dogs (Patrik), Portugal (Pastor), Gypsies (Kakuk Marci), Our Class (Rysiek), Martyrs (Willy Batzler), Illaberek, M/S, MotherCourage and Her Children.

He has appeared in TV and other theatre works.